Alex Zeitler

No more leaky abstractions.

Hello (from a new) World

Yet another blog?

If you know my blog Alex on ASP.NET, you may ask why I started blogging on another Url and a different blog engine?

As you may have noticed on Twitter, besides ASP.NET MVC and WCF Web API, I started developing mobile-first and single page web applications using HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript a few month ago.

Most of the Javascript and CSS3 frameworks (not least node.js) have their background in the OSS community which is mainly focused on Linux and OS X.

To have that technology stack available just in time (and sadly often long before being available on the Windows stack) for my daily work, I decided to step out of the comfort zone / think outside the box (name it whatever you want) and use both platforms on a daily basis also.

What to expect?

As I’m pretty new to both OS X and Linux (read: Ubuntu), I’ll post about my experiences during my way to the “x world” (not least as a documentation for myself if I forgot about something I already solved).

That means I’ll document which languages, tools and frameworks I’ll use, what I (dis)like on the “new” platforms etc.

Will you leave .NET / the Microsoft stack?

Short answer: No.

Long answer: World is changing fast and a developers (geeks) world even faster and as much as I like ASP.NET MVC and Web API: it’s simply on the server side and much things nowadays happen solely on the client (read: client == browser != classic desktop).